About Connect & Conquer

Hey there!  I'm Tracy from Connect & Conquer.

And I'm here to help business owners like you get super clear on what it takes to build and grow an irresistible brand presence.

I’ve been in the marketing game long enough to know what works, but also obsessed with staying a step ahead of ever-changing tools and trends and not afraid to push boundaries and get creative. 

That’s because I’ve also been in your shoes, growing businesses from the ground up and putting my own advice into practice in the real world.

In January 2020, I rebranded to create Connect & Conquer Marketing.  I’ve delivered high-level marketing strategy, managed projects and coached small businesses. When it comes to marketing, there isn’t a box that I haven’t ticked.

And now I'm sharing all that knowledge and know-how with you. 

Supporting small businesses in playing big is what I'm all about, so are you ready to connect and conquer together?

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